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Hindi Serial – Uttaran – the strange happenings in the life of Ichcha, and how she lets everyone walk over her

How can they make such a character such as Ichcha ? They show a person who is totally in favor of her friend Tapasya, even though she has known in many occasions that Tapasya was the one who was against Ichcha, and who had even conspired to attempt to get her killed. The same with her parents, who also knew this behavior of Tapasya, but attempted to take it lightly. The same with her nani (actually her mother’s aunt), who was a very bad influence on Tapasya, forever poisoning her mind against Ichcha. And then Ichcha was willing to sacrifice the love of Veer, who loved her devotedly, and who was totally unhappy with Ichcha, so that Vansh could marry her.
And this is where it gets complicated. Vansh is the elder brother of Veer, and was a drug addict who started recovering to some extent based on the efforts of Ichcha, who was trying to help a younger drug addict (and it was then she came into contact with Vansh). Vansh tells his parents, who would do anything to help him get free of the drug habit, that Ichcha is the one person who can totally help him by getting married to him. This pushes his mother into a huge problem since she knows that her younger son Veer also loves Ichcha madly. But for her, the issue of being able to help Vansh is a very strong influence, and Veer would also do anything to help Vansh. Ichcha also agrees to help in this matter by marrying Vansh since she reasons out that by helping somebody like this, this will be something very big that she does.
However, nobody had yet told Vansh about the love between Veer and Ichcha; and Ichcha tries to tell Vansh about this in a letter, but the totally villainous Tapasya manages to intercept the letter and change the contents. Her idea is that this will be told to Vansh just after marriage so that he is very shocked and this will be bad for Ichcha.

7 comments to Hindi Serial – Uttaran – the strange happenings in the life of Ichcha, and how she lets everyone walk over her

  • sakshi

    i completly don’t understand that in television world why two people who love each other face problems ????????? its so bad to watch two lovers getting seperated…….. rathe it should be like a fairy story that they love each other and live life together why so many obtacles i don’t understnd why veer didn’t marry iccha and why iccha is so sweet to that bicth tapasya who even tored to kill her and has made iccha’s life more than hell every time. and why is vansh marrying iccha even after knowing the fact that they both love each other is he blind that he can’t see that his brother veer is not happy with his marriage with tapasya. for god sake the director of the serial should have some mercy over iccha and let her be happy in the serial for some time by making her marry with veer. I please request you mr director let iccha be happy for some time and show some mercy over her. the day the serial uttarn has started you re behind iccha;s happiness now its high time you should bless her to be happy……… please.

  • SONI

    ichcha tum veer se kab milogi tum to janti ho na that veer loves u till now by heart please uske saath aisa mat karo tum veer se shadi kar lo.

  • SONI

    vansh se shadi karke tumne apni aur apne saath veer ki zindgi barbad kar di please tum kuch gardbard karo jisse tumhari shadi veer se ho jaye tum last me to veer se milogi na isse aacha hai ki abhi mil jao taki tum dono saath reh sako.

    waiting for ichcha and veer weeding.////////////////////////

  • Sooraj Karki

    Vansh aur tumhari jodi sabsey achha hai . I request to you please don’t broke this marriage .

  • Sooraj Karki

    Main director saab sey binti karta hoon ki vash aur iccha ki jodi maat todiyega .

  • Sooraj Karki

    Please mr director & story writer saab agar aapko veer aur iccha ko milana ho to milaiye magar mai aap sey biati karta hoon ki aap vash ke kirdar ko serial sey mat hataiyega please /////////////

  • I dont want the true lovers to be separated. veer should only be married ti ichcha. for her kind and care veer is the correct person. its realy atrocious to watch out veer and tapasya..

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