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Hindi Serial – 12/24 Karol Bagh – Simi finally exposes the story of Anuj and how Rajeev Bhalla was also involved

The serial on Zee TV, 12/24 Karol Bagh is starting to move in Simi’s favor. Till just a couple of episodes back, she was in severe trouble. Her marriage with Abhi (who is 8 years her junior) caused a huge amount of shock in all her relations. Except for one of her sisters (Mili) and her father, everybody else was against her. Her mother had publicly disassociated herself from Simi, and her brother Anuj always felt that their father always favored Simi, and that now he would look after himself. Her sister Neetu felt that Simi was behind the capture of her lover, and hence she hated Simi. Her mother felt very strongly that Simi had caused her an incredible amount of public embarassment, and did not want to talk to her anymore. And on the other side, Abhi’s father had also broken off relations and turned out Abhi.
But Simi persisted in trying to do good for her family, and this now came to exposing the wrong-doings of Anuj and Anita. Anuj had started to associate with Rajeev Bhalla and go against his family, including getting the house transferred in his name. Their mother Manju refused to believe that her son Anuj could be causing any of this problem, believing that Simi was trying to defame Anuj. Still, Abhi and Mili went to the bank and tried to find out what Anuj was upto, and also why was there apparently a false notice served to get some fees on the family shop.
And then there was a 1 hour episode of the serial on Saturday (27 March 2010) where it finally became clear to everybody that Anuj was the one who was doing the change in trying to get the house transferred to his name. Bhalla was also pushing him by threatening to reveal that Anuj was the one who pushed his father down the stairs. Finally their mother Manju realized the truth, and has now pushed Anuj out of the house, and out of her life, and to jail.

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