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Hindi Serial – Na Aana Is Des Ladoo – Ammaji comes up with a horrid scheme to get a heir

The serial on Colors is plumbing new depths, showing the extent to which Ammaji will go to; the show also depicts problems in the relationships between different family members, including between a husband and wife. In Ammaji’s household, the relation between Joginder and his wife Santosh is very fragile, especially since Jogi is unable to give a child to Santosh. However, it is Santosh who has to bear the blame for everything, for being unable to have a child. In the society depicted in the serial, being blamed as barren is very painful for a married lady; and she faces that both inside and outside the house. One day, when taunted by one of her sister-in-laws, she cannot bear the frustration anymore, and claims in front of other people that she is not the one to blame, it is her husband. For this, she is beaten badly by Ammaji, and Jogi also does not support her (he is very angry at her for revealing the truth about him).
And then since Ammaji has started realizing that the village knows the truth and that the respect for the household will be gone, she has to figure out a solution. And then she comes up with a truly horrible (and yet seemingly practical) solution. She tells Santosh that she will have to sleep with a stranger so that she can get pregnant, and then she can then claim before the villagers that there was some treatment given to Jogi, and as a result, Santosh is pregnant, and will give birth to a heir.
Santosh refuses, but to refuse Ammaji something is not a very practical point, and Santosh is told that she will have to do this. Jogi is also persuaded by Ammaji on this. And then Ammaji throws another bombshell, claiming that this will not be a stranger, instead Raghav will have to do this. Raghav refuses, and Ammaji tries all sort of blackmail, including emotional blackmail. Finally, Sia and the others hide Santosh, with Raghav proposing that they will send her away to her brothers house.

1 comment to Hindi Serial – Na Aana Is Des Ladoo – Ammaji comes up with a horrid scheme to get a heir

  • shabana

    i have a choice ,why couldnt sia could be selected for giving the real hier in their family and then to give the baby to santhosh as their child.

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