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Hindi Serial – Uttaran – Vansh gets to know the truth about Veer and Ichcha before he can go to the mandap

Uttaran is dragging the situation of Vansh’s marriage and romance with Ichcha a lot; Ichcha was ready to sacrifice her love of Veer since Vansh was truly and deeply in love with Ichcha, and this was a way for him to get reformed from his drug-taking habit. Veer was also ready to do anything since this was a way for Veer to get reformed, and the pressure from his mother was also another reason for him to agree to this relationship, even though this meant that he will have to give up Ichcha and reconcile to a marriage with Tapasya.
In the meantime, Tapasya is doing anything possible to ensure that Ichcha suffers as she has suffered; part of her plan is to ensure that once Vansh is married to Ichcha, he will get to know the past of Veer and Ichcha, and this will ensure that the married life of Ichcha is as miserable as her married life is (and by now everybody knows that Tapasya can be the biggest villain, willing to do anything to further her own selfish ends).
However, in this case, things go wrong from Tapasya’s calculation. Once Vansh sees the photos of Veer and Ichcha, he is shocked by the past history of the two, and refuses to go down for the wedding. Tapasya and her nani are shocked by this, since if Vansh does not marry Ichcha, then Veer will be free to pursue Ichcha again, something that Tappu does not want. Both of them try their best to persuade Vansh that all this was the past, that they have all moved on and that Tapasya is happily married to Veer, that Ichcha is doing all this for Vansh and will be deeply hurt if he refuses. They also try to play on his pride by telling that if he refuses now, everybody will wonder how true his love actually was. However, it is not clear right now whether Vansh will go ahead with the marriage.

3 comments to Hindi Serial – Uttaran – Vansh gets to know the truth about Veer and Ichcha before he can go to the mandap

  • Min

    The TRPs apparently show that uttaran is leading. Can you believe it? Everyone i have met, spoken to, read reviews, is so sick of this serial and many have discontinued watching this @#$% serial, but TRPs are soaring?! This is the worst plot, sickening story line, snail speed espisodes, dumb characters, immoral message. This serial has the worst of everything but has still not been shelved. Waiting for the ministry of broadcasting to finally pull the plug on this anti ‘Indian value’ program.
    And to the director ‘get well soon’.

  • amit

    uttran is a serial where background music is more then dialogues i cant understand what are the directors and producers making the audiences too see the serial or listen to its bad and un tolerable background music pls do tell them we viewers require gr8 serial not bad music with less time pass

  • Nitin

    Utaran is very faltu serial. Its full of conspiracy. Every time bad behavior dominates good behavior. Its ridiculous to see extreme patience of Iccha. Today every serial has this kind of tendency except SAB Tv. Serials like FIR, Office Office, Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma are providing release of mental stress. But the serial like Utaran ……….Faltu, faltu, faltu

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