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Hindi Serial – Pavitra Rishta – The tangled relations that have been drawn up now

Pavitra Rishta is a serial that I thought would be somewhat different, but the serial is displaying the same tangled set of relations that other serials on the various channels show. Right now, there is a mixture of marriages and relationships.
Archana – Maanav: On the verge of divorce, with Maanav supposed to marry his dead brother’s fiancee Shravani (pregnant with the child of his brother)
Varsha to marry Satish, whose family are very close to the family of Ajit (and his mother Rasika), and Ajit also once tried to ruin the reputation of Archana
Ajit in turn, to escape the charges of harassment to be filed by Maanav’s family and his sister Vandita, married Vandita. This in turn changes the entire set of relations, since now Ajit is in a very strong position, having married the daughter of the family and become somebody whom they have to ensure remains happy (for the happiness of their daughter Vandita).
Ajit and his mother Rasika are planning to use this marriage as a way of putting incredible pressure on the Deshmukh family, so they ask Archana to bear being slapped by Vandita, they ask Savita (the mother of Maanav and Vandita) to dance at her age, and in front of a number of people. They are portrayed as true villains, with Ajit being the more impulsive and angry one, and Rasika being the more patient one, who is equally villainous, and yet more careful of the actions so that they do not end up in legal trouble.
For example, she has advised Ajit not to do anything that would leave marks on Vandita, and this also includes preventing him from forcefully having physical relations with Vandita.
The more interesting mystery of the serial will be about what happens in the triangle between Maanav, Archana, and Shravani (whose upcoming child is seen as the last symbol of the dead son, Sachin).

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