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Hindi TV Serial – 12/24 Karol Bagh – Anuj gets out of jail, after his family bails him out

Things are moving the right way for Simi and Abhi to some extent, given that they managed to rescue the brother Anuj from the wrong company of Rajeev Bhalla, and also managed to rescue the father from being harmed by the combination of Rajeev Bhalla and Anuj. They also managed to get Manju to see the current situation, and understand that Mili, Simi, and Abhi were on the correct side. When Manju got to know about the truth, and how Anuj had pushed his father down the stairs, she got Anuj locked up in jail along with Rajiv Bhalla.
But Simi was not very happy with all this. She was happy that her father was saved from danger, but Anuj was her own brother, and she wanted to get him out of jail. So she managed to get bail papers, but Anita reached the police station along with Nakul, and tore the bail papers. However, Nakul stabbed Anita in the back by getting Bhalla out of jail, and then refused to do anything for Anuj. Then Simi managed to persuade her mother to take back the complaint, which she reluctantly agreed to do. But there was the matter of the bank loan that Anuj and Bhalla had taken, and which was being used by the bank to threaten Anuj to remain in jail on charges of cheating (since he had forged the papers of the property).
Now Rajeev Bhalla is back to the forefront since he is also claiming their house of 12/24 Karol Bagh, and has threatened to get them evicted within 7 days. This is another pressure on them. On a positive note, the relation between Simi and Abhi, which has been affected by all that has happened since the marriage, seems to be moving towards a more intimate note, with a romantic interlude between them almost happening.

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