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Hindi TV Serial – Jamunia on NDTV Imagine – A girl stepping into dangerous territory

Jamunia is a fairly new serial, started on NDTV Imagine. The serial was created by a production house called Beyond Dreams Entertainment Limited (BDEL), a production house based in Mumbai. The serial appears on NDTV Imagine weekdays at 8:30 PM. The serial is about a girl who is getting wedded into a house which is supposed to have a curse on girls who get married into the house.
The name of the girl is Jamunia, and she does not have any parents. She lives with her maternal uncle and with her cousins. None of them really care for her, and if there is a chance where they can make money from her, and yet be rid of her, then that is what they end up doing.
Bodhan is the name of her uncle, and her cousins are called Chatori and Batori, and they do not spare any occasion to torment her. Even her uncle will do whatever he can to try and make some money from her, like when he pushes her in front of a bus to claim some compensation, no matter that she is badly injured. And now he has figured out the best way to make some money from her and also at the same time, get rid of her.
The richest family in the village has an ancient curse laid on them, due to the misdeeds of Gajadhar Raut; as per the curse, any girl married into the family dies soon. The son of the family, Jay, falls in love with Jamuniya, and when the request for the marriage comes, Gajadhar is very happy. Not only will she be rid of by the curse, he will also get money for marrying into such a rich family. However, Jamuniya is not very happy when she hears this as she believes that she is ill-fated (and has been so convinced by her cousins about the same). She even thinks of committing suicide to end this.
Right now, she is going through the various ceremonies of marriage, almost ready to step into the institution of marriage and to go to her married house.

Jamuniya 16th April Video Part 1

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