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Hindi TV Serial – Balika Vadhu on Colors – The appearance of a new character to threaten Bhairon’s and Sumitra’s marriage

In Balika Vadhu, after the almost death of Anandi, when she saved Jagdish from a bullet, it became all right in the family. Kalyani was again happy, and started favoring Anandi again (given that it took Anandi some time to come out from hospital). It took Anandi some time to get over the shock caused by the bullet, and for some time, her mind was mentally weak.
But how is it possible that everything would go right in the serial ? A Hindi Serial consists of a series of mini-stories, all of them lasting for several weeks, and once a story has started, it will start gripping the story line and would threaten many of the characters in the serial. In this case, there is a threat to the marriage of the one couple whose marriage was never threatened so far, namely that of Bhairon and Sumitra. Till now, the marriages and relations between all the other characters in the serial had come under some strain, and now the same things is happening to their marriage.
A new character has been introduced, this being a lady called Teekri (Sakshi Talwar), who is apparently a childhood friend of Bhairon, but who had been away for many many years. Now she is back, with a sinister purpose. She believes that Bhairon is destined to be married to her, and that Sumitra would need to be removed from Bhairon’s life. They show her to be somewhat demented, but she is clever enough that she is trying to make a space for herself with Maasa, and also trying to spoil the relationship between Bhairon and Sumitra. Right now, Anandi has seen what Teekri is trying to do, and she tries to stop the steps being taken by Teekri. On the other hand, Teekri fights back by trying to portray Anandi as being not good for Jagdish, and inauspicious for her.

Video of Balika Vadhu 16th April 2010 pt1

Balika Vadhu 16th April 2010 pt2

Balika Vadhu 16th April 2010 pt3

Balika Vadhu 16th April 2010 pt4

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