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Hindi TV Serial – Bebo on Star Plus – The struggle between Bebo and Ranno, very crazy

This show is getting troublesome; after all, the concept of a double causing problems to the main person is not new, but in this case, the show has been dragged on for a very long time, and the serial is getting a bit boring now. What happened was that Bebo, after winning a major victory in court against Goldie and Gursheel, had to face trouble, and the trouble that she faced was with a double called Raano who did not like the fact that Bebo was getting everything while Raano did not have anything in life ?
As a result, and with the cooperation of Gursheel and Goldie, Raano made her way back into the life of Amrit, and pushed Bebo down a cliff. But Bebo was not dead, she had just lost her memory and slowly came back into the life of Amrit. But by that time, Raano had taken on the identity of Bebo and claimed that the memory loss hit Bebo was actually Raano. Whenever somebody got a bit curious about some discrepancies in the stories of the real Raano, she would claim that she was not feeling well, or something similar, and evaded any hard questions.
But now, Bebo has remembered everything, and wants to ensure that Raano is not able to continue this drama for too long, but it is a bit difficult for her since Raano is proving to be much cleverer than her, and much smarter. Raano wants to ensure that Bebo is finally kicked out of the house, claiming that the actual Bebo is after Amrit, and is doing many things to try to kick Bebo out of the house. This is getting confusing, right ?
But the net result is that for many weeks now, the game between Raano and Bebo is continuing with one of them being on the right side, and one of the being on the wrong side. But when both of them give their slightly evil feelings (and not too much acting), then they look the same.

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