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Hindi TV Serial – Do Hanso Ka Joda – How Preeti is moving closer to her husband Surya Kamal

Do Hanso ka Joda is a show on Imagine TV that looked it was based on the hit Shahrukh movie – Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. After all, you had a character who was a plain person, spectacled, and even looked like the character in the movie. And he gets married to a girl who wanted a romantic life, somebody who would be very different from the person whom she got married to. After all, Preeti wanted a person who was a shining knight, who would sweep her up and take her away to the land of her dreams, and Surya Kamal certainly did not fit that profile.
However SuryaKamal was a person with a lot of strength and attractiveness of his own, once you got to know him; so, over a period of time, the quiet love, as well as the space he gave Preeti slowly started winning Preeti over, and she got over her dreams and started falling in deep love with him. And of course, Surya Kamal was always in love with her.
But there are many challenges that they have to face. Surya Kamal’s mother (rather step-mother) is used to having a son who listens only to her, and also never liked Preeti from the beginning, and does not leave a chance to show the effect of her sharp tongue on both of them. And this has an effect, when, Surya Kamal and Preeti spend some days outside, and once they are back, they are greeted with many abuses by his mother because his sister has had to be taken to hospital (and Surya Kamal loves this sister a lot). The blame for neglecting his sister has been put on Surya Kamal and Preeti, and he also believes this to some extent, and as a result, he starts to believe that his profound attraction towards Preeti is affecting his responsibilities.
On the other side, Preeti’s cousin, Sumi married somebody who would seem much more attractive and desirable, a young and dashing person called Rishi; however, this is very different outside. Rishi is without any major feelings for Sumi, beats her, exploits her for his business, and believes that she will always do everything that he says.

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