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Hindi TV Serials – Long running music talent program – new season of Indian Idol on Sony TV

Indian Idol is a long running serial on Sony TV, now running on the 5th edition (the show itself being modeled on a popular American serial of the same type and format). The concept of the show is fairly simple; people from all over the country can apply to showcase their talent (and by now, the auditions of Indian Idol are huge, with a large number of people from all over the country wanting to apply), and then take part in several rounds, being judged by eminent musicians and singers (a jury of 3, out of which Anu Malik seems to be the ever-present member).
Over a period of time, the winner of the contest gets a lot of fame, the opportunity to get a break into the singing industry, and also huge awards from the sponsors (in this case, a 1 year contract with Sony BMG, and also 1 crore as prize money). The winner of the First Indian Idol was Abhijeet Sawant, who is also one of the presenters for the show, the other being Prajakta Shukre (who placed 4th in the first season of Indian Idol). The judges for this season have been changed, with Anu Malik remaining (he remains the judge with the sharpest tongue, claiming that he is a straight talking person), with the others being the singer, Sunidhi Chauhan, as well as the musician and singer Salim Merchant. Both of them are a bit softer on the contestants, but otherwise have their own opinions, and it is also pretty clear that they will take their own decisions (not swayed by Anu Maik). In addition, it is also rumored that the channel would prefer that there be always some amount of conflict so that the show also remains interesting.

Video of Indian idol 5 Auditions 26th April 2010

Indian idol 5 Auditions 26th April 2010 Episode 1

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