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Hindi TV Serial – Jyoti on Imagine TV – Kabir saves Sushma’s life and gets a much better reaction in the house

The last time Kabir was with Jyoti, there was widespread opposition within the Sharma household to him, especially since because of the curfew, Jyoti was out the whole night with Kabir; as a result, Kabir had to listen to things from various people in the Sharma household, and even Jyoti had somewhat cooled off on Kabir and told him to keep some distance from her on a personal nature, even though they would work together on the dance troupe. However, everything changes when Sushma is depressed, and wandering outside.
Her parents and family are not able to contact Sushma, and are worried about her. She is in the path of a truck, when Kabir saves her from the truck, and brings her back home. And to the contrast last time, this time everybody wants to hear the story, and when they find out that Kabir had saved Sushma, he becomes the hero, welcome in the house, and even invited for food. Padma also sees that Kabir may be able to help Deepu get a job, and thus have to avoid working for his father-in-law, even though KK has no issues with Deepu working for his father-in-law.
Sudha is still passing on communication between Jyoti and Pankaj, even though they are now divorced, and Pankaj is married to somebody else (after having turned out Jyoti from his house). When Pankaj hears that Kabir is there, he does get jealous.
On the other hand, Brij is at home, depressed and angry. He is liable to scream at people, although he is also getting it back from various people at whom he screams, including a young mother who tells Brij that he will die without a family if he does not mend his ways.

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