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Hindi TV Serial – Uttaran on Colors – Tapasya taking her full opportunity for revenge

Uttaran is going through some very strange times, a point which you would not wish on your worst enemy. Ichcha is the good character in the show, but is stuck in problems right now. She landed in a bitter soup when Tapasya tricked her so that Tapasya got married to Veer instead of Ichcha, and then Veer rejected Tapasya, and decided to divorce her to marry Ichcha. However, just when this seemed to move closer to happening, things took a different turn. Veer’s elder brother, the drug addict, Vansh moved closer to getting cured, for which he credited Ichcha to showing him the right path, and wanted to marry her. Given that Vansh seemed to be getting better and away from his addiction, all the family members decided that this was a good thing (even though it was complicated because Veer and Ichcha used to love each other); and even the stupid Ichcha decided to play sacrifice again and agreed to the marriage. However, Tapasya was thirsting for revenge, and got her way when she managed to show photos of Veer and Ichcha to Vansh just before the marriage, which resulted in Vansh rejecting Ichcha after the marriage, and challenging Veer to show that his marriage to Tapasya was happy and stable.
By now, Tapasya has left the house, swearing that she will only come back when both Veer and Ichcha plead with her; part of this is already happening, with Veer pleading with her, calling her many times to ensure that she would come back to the house and tell Vansh that Veer and Tapasya were happily married. She does do so (over phone) after a lot of pleading by Veer, but now Vansh wants to talk to her in person before he can agree that his condition has been met, and is not willing to listen to anything that Ichcha or Veer tell him.

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