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Hindi TV Serial – Laagi Tujhse Lagan on Colors – Datta’s fiancee runs away, and Nakusha is eventually set to be blamed

Laagi Tujhe Lagan is a slightly strange serial, appearing on Colors, which talks about the life of a poor girl, who is beautiful, but hides her beauty because of the fear of being attacked for her beauty. Instead, she always wears an ugly face, and this ensures that people stay away from her. However, once in a while, people do get to know her real beautiful self and in such situations, it is hard for her, as happened when a police inspector got after her and wanted to marry her.
In the current case, Nakusha saves a gangster Datta from the bullets of his enemies, and hence starts working in his home as a maid along with her mother. She also falls in love with Dutta (although she is still wearing the ugly face, and hence the feeling of love is not reciprocated by Dutta). Dutta is engaged to a girl called Supriya, and the twist is that Supriya does not love Dutta, instead she loves some other ruffian and hates Dutta. And so, when the time comes for the marriage ceremony, Supriya jumps from the occasion, leaving her family members there, and also leaves Dutta in his marriage dress, tremendously angered by this desertion by Supriya. For some time, they believe that Surpiya is dead, but now the hunt has begun for Supriya, and Ravi, the person with whom she has run away.
In the house, they also know that somebody has helped Supriya, and the hunt has begun to find clues, and this is also the time when Dutta’s sister (who is the real culprit) tries to implicate Nakusha by leaving some traces of evidence that would lead to Nakusha, and hopefully throw the entire brunt of Dutta’s anger on Nakusha.

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