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Hindi TV Serial – Rehna Hai Teri Palkon ki Chaaon Mein – Karan back to the living

In Rehna Hai Teri Palkon ki Chaaon Mein on Imagine TV, the long awaited return has happened, and this is the return of Karan to the serial. All of you know that when a character dies on a Hindi serial, and the body is not found, then there is a good chance that the person is not dead and will come back at an opportune time. And so it was in the case of Karan, who died when he was on a honeymoon with Suman (and for which she was treated very badly in the house).
Over a period of time, Suman, with her good nature and loving personality was able to make a mark for herself, and Karthik anyhow was always in love with her (or atleast had a lot of respect and affection for her). However, Nandini also loved Karthik and played a number of tricks to try and get Suman out of the way so that she could get Karthik for herself. In between, Karthik realized that Nandini was responsible for a stage when Suman was abducted, but then he still married her.
However, this marriage was not meant to last, and soon the household realized that a proper relationship could only exist between Karthik and Suman, and the marriage between Karthik and Nandini was not meant to last, and talk of a divorce happen, and Nandini also signs the divorce papers.
But, this was done with a motive. Nandini had discovered that Karan had not died, but was indeed in a coma condition in a hospital, with no identification; and she brought him home with the claim that he was her brother (with the idea being that she would bring him forward to break the impending relationship between Suman and Karthik). And Karan, who is in a coma, does indeed start reacting when Suman comes close, with Nandini trying to ensure that he gets well fast enough that she can use him to break the ongoing marriage (and the marriage anyhow would not be valid since the first husband is not dead).

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