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Hindi TV Serial – Bhagyavidhata on Colors – Raja and Rekha in trouble and running, and then Rekha loses her baby

Raja and Rekha are in trouble, all due to the actions of Punpunwali who is trying to implicate him. They land up in trouble, and start running away from Praful, but get caught up by them. Raja gets caught while Rekha manages to run away, but in the running away, she falls and like any other hindi serial, she hits her belly on the rock, and then loses her child, screaming in pain as she does so.
And somehow they get free and go to the house, where everybody is worried about what is happening to them, especially about Rekha. Raja is very angry and blames Punpunwali for everything that happens; she is shocked at this and claims that she is not responsible for anything, given that she was in the house all the time; actually it is Raja’s doing and Punpunwali is not responsible.
Raja in turn calls Mamaji who brings in Praful, and then Mamaji claims that he was just in time to save Raja and Rekha from the goons who had caught them.
However, Punpunwali is able to indicate to Praful to keep quiet, especially when Akhilesh was trying to get information from Praful about the truth, and Praful claims that it was actually Raja who had called Pappu’s man and that something seems to have gone wrong on that side. Rekha was unconscious, but then gets up, screams at Praful to not lie, and then again falls down.

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