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Hindi TV Serial – Dil Mil Gaye – Riddhima still with Siddharth, even though Armaan tries to get her back

The serial Dil Mil Gaye on Star One seems to be going through a patch where everything is shown as happening in slow motion. So for the last many episodes (in fact weeks), it has been clear that there is a triangle in the serial (with the married pair of Riddhima and Siddharth, and then Armaan back in the serial) with a lot of confusion, doubt and emotions in the air.
Armaan now knows that Riddhima is married to Siddharth, and at the same time, given that Siddharth seems to think that Riddhima was always only with Armaan and that the marriage was a mistake, he pushed her away and went in for divorce papers. In that time period, Riddhima was angry with both of them for putting her in such a strange position and signed the divorce papers, but she wants to give the marriage a try.
And so, for probably the longest set of scenes ever shot in a basketball court, a lot of action happens there. First Siddharth and Armaan meet there, and then Riddhima later tells Armaan that even though he may love her, he is the past to her, and she is married to Siddharth and will not betray Sid, and that she signed the divorce papers in anger – however, she does want to get back with Sid. Armaan is heartbroken, and Shanky is now trying to console Armaan.
And now Riddhima goes to meet Sid, she is still angry to some extent, but she also wants to save her marriage, and so pleads with him to give the marriage a chance and that she wants to ensure that the marriage succeeds. However, Siddharth has some misconcepts after having seen her with Armaan and is not sure how much to believe her, and tells her about the same; this ends up ensuring that Riddhima leaves the place crying.

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