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Hindi TV Serial – 12/24 Karol Bagh – Abhi tries to hit Bhalla with a knife, and then the police take him away

This was probably what Simi was most afraid about, about the fact that he can get very angry, and was also possessive about Simi. And so when Simi told Abhi about Bhalla’s letter to her, he got very angry. He was angry at Simi for not telling her about the letter, and was even more angry at Bhalla for his crude letter and for making a pass at Simi. He jumped out of the house and was soon after Bhalla, and started chasing him. Soon, there was a situation where Bhalla had a knife with him, but Abhi managed to take the knife and pointed it at Bhalla’s throat when Bhalla’s mother was pleading with Abhi not to do anything. Simi soon arrived and was trying to stop Abhi, and then the police arrived and took Simi away.
In other stuff, Neetu is coming closer to Omi realizing that at heart he is a very good man. They talk a bit nice to each other and then get ready to leave to 12/24 Karol Bagh for the matarani ki chowki, and finally the relation between Neetu and her family improves. She learns about what all has gone on in the house and how Simi and Abhi did what they can to prevent the house from going to Bhalla, and then finally realizes that Simi is the good one in all this. They also get to know that Abhi is in jail, and is not likely to be there in the chowki unless somebody bails him out.
In the chowki, people have started arriving, and there is a call for the 2 son-in-laws, and while Omi is easily found, the other son-in-law Abhi is not present. Omi has tried to get his elder brother Nakul to bail out Abhi, but Nakul refuses to Omi and Omi had come back disappointed. Simi and Mili try to do a lot of pleading to bail out Abhi, but they are unable to convince the police to release Abhi, and then Bhalla arrives with his lawyer and tells the police to not release Abhi at all because he tried to kill Bhalla, and has serious charges against him.
However, in the end, Abhi does make it to the chowki, so one wonders as to who managed to bail him out of the police station, was it Nakul ?

3 comments to Hindi TV Serial – 12/24 Karol Bagh – Abhi tries to hit Bhalla with a knife, and then the police take him away

  • Mansi sharma

    is serial ka makeup man sahi nahi hai

  • Mansi sharma

    Mili jyada sunder lagegi agar use koi dusari dresses di jayengi pahnane ko ,sabke face par foundation bahut galat dhang se use kar rakha hota hai jaise kisi anari makeupman lagaya ho,sabke face alag se lagte hai

  • Mansi sharma

    Dresses to sabki bekar lagti hai, jaise beech me nitu ne jo lenga choli pahna tha wo bahut bekar lagta tha,kaha to use karorpati dikhaya gaya tha,par dresses wahi midleclass wali thi, isse to neetu naturally jyada sunder lagti hai, serial se bahar.

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