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Saabki Laadli Bebo on Star Plus – Bebo finally gets Raano to admit to the truth and get back her claim

Who would have thought that Bebo would be capable of doing this kind of planning. After all, Bebo was the more honest one (although in the previous occasion when she revealed the truth behind Goldie and Gursheel’s behavior, she had also done a lot of planning to break up the team) and one would have thought somebody like Raano would have been more capable of detecting such falsehood and not getting caught up in this trap. After all, planning to get Raano to shoot Babloo with a planted pistol (with fake bullets), getting Babloo out of the shallow grave, and then using Babloo to scare Raano at regular intervals (where Raano feels that she is seeing the ghost of Babloo and nobody else is able to see either Babloo or the items he leaves such as blood or mud) is the mark of a devious mind.
Finally when the police has come to take away Raano, she reveals the truth that she is actually Raano and not Bebo, so that the police will arrest Bebo rather than her (which is actually what Bebo wanted, she wanted Raano to say the truth about who Bebo is, and who is Raano). However, Bebo has a bigger plan. She really does not want Raano to be arrested (after all she has learnt that Raano is actually her sister, since Bebo has been adopted), so even the police is fake. And in the end, in front of everybody, she tells Raano that she has forgiven Raano for whatever Raano has done. This forgiving is something that Raano is not able to tolerate, given that she just learnt that Bebo outsmarted her and broke her chance of settling in with the family and replacing Bebo.

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