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Hindi TV Serial – Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain – Naitik and Akshara have a small fight over her birthday

This is a show that could have ended with the marriage of the lead pair, but now that the show is continuing, there will be constant efforts to portray the ongoing relationship between the lead pair, and as a part of that, there will constant bickering, fights, reconciliation, and so on. The latest such occasion is on Akshara’s birthday, where she considers that since this is her first birthday after marriage, this will be a special occasion. However, in the morning, Naitik does not tell her anything, and instead goes off for a cricket match; others wish her, send her presents, and so on (and in fact, this is a strange family because in many families, the husband would have been teased earlier about what present he is going to get and so on). It is later that Naitik realizes that it is the birthday and that he needs to do something.
By the time, Akshara is very uncomfortable, even more so when people ask her about what Naitik has got for her and she does not know what to reply to these questions. In the meantime, Naitik has make some arrangements for a party (working along with Mohit) and asks Akshara to be there by 5:30 PM. However, with her own family and other relatives there, Akshara is unable to leave (and is unable to make an excuse to leave to be with Naitik). When Naitik arrives, he is very angry at Akshara, claiming that she did not make much of an effort to come to the party when he had asked her to, and in the meantime, Akshara also learns from a phone call that Naitik had indeed meant to go to a cricket match, and this meant that he had forgotten all about her birthday; and this makes her upset (upset enough that she tells Naitik that he forgot about her birthday). Obviously this tension will get over soon, but right now, it makes them uncomfortable.

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