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Hindi TV Serial – Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam – Finally Abeer and Leher are married, but have nowhere to go

So, it finally happened. When the serial started, the inter-caste romance and marriage was cited as a major constraint that would cause a lot of problems in society, but as the serial progressed, it was less of a problem from society and more of a problem from their own family members. There was some initial resistance from both sets of family members, but it seemed to go away, and even Abeer’s family members seemed to agree; but this was deceptive and they eventually went on to humiliate Leher’s family members. However, Abeer refused to be stopped by this move and went onto actually marry Leher.
This family was not supported by either sets of families, with Abeer’s family walking out earlier, and then Leher’s family also refused to support the marriage and turned their backs on the couple, turning them out of the house.
So now we have this couple, in love and married to each other, who have nowhere to go. They get their first sweets of the marriage from the local shop (with the owner also giving Leher a gift as a first present); and then decide to move to a hotel (although they have very little money with them). The hotel manager behaves a bit fresh with them, seeing them in the marriage dress and thinking that they are actually some kids out to enjoy a night out (as a part of an affair). however, this is settled and they finally move to a room where they whisper sweet things to each other and finally Leher sleeps in Abeer’s lap.

1 comment to Hindi TV Serial – Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam – Finally Abeer and Leher are married, but have nowhere to go

  • i like this serial very much .i regular fan of this serial .i like all the charcter of this serial.abeer &leher lovestory very much .abeer friends togood .

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