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Hindi TV Serial – Na Aana Iss Des Ladoo – Has Ammaji really got transformed after learning that Amba is her own daughter

Is there really a transformatation in Ammaji after she got to learn that Amba is her own daughter ? It is hard to believe that somebody as strong willed as Ammaji will not have the capacity to withstand shocks, but it would seem that the makers of the serial are trying to show that maybe she can also change over a period of time. In this case, Ammaji spent a lot of time tracking down who Amba is, what are her origins, and finally tracked down the Daima of Amba, somebody known to her. This was the same Daima to whom Ammaji had handed over Amba soon after she was born; and this was the same Daima who told Amba later about how Ammaji was her real mother and had handed her over after she was born; thus causing a huge amount of hatred to be formed in Amba against Ammaji.
Now, Ammaji has got to know about Amba, and this is causing a huge amount of emotional turmoil in her; she now understands why Amba hates her; but is there a real change of heart ? That one cannot be sure, and it is doubtful whether anyone knows. The makers of the serial can change the situation anytime, say for example, a couple of weeks later, they can show that this transformation was fake and was meant to find out all those in the household who were supportive of Amba.
For now, Ammaji is trying to be supportive of Amba to some degree, so that when Jogi comes to say something that is against Amba, Ammaji scolds him and sends him away, she tries to act more supportive of Amba; and also comes into view Amba when Amba is sleeping, with the makers of the serial showing her giving a tender look. However, by now Amba refuses to believe that Ammaji can transform in any way; and has sworn to teach the oppressed women of the household how to speak up for themselves and protect their rights; starting with Sia.

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