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Hindi TV Serial – Uttaran – Veer starts to move away from the family, with Vansh being very suspicious

In Uttaran, the scene is getting worse and worse. The revenge that Tapasya sought to bear on Ichcha for her problems with Veer have brought the Bundela family into a disaster, with both brother heading apart, and Vansh being highly suspicious of both his brother and wife (who have both done a lot to help him); helped by the activities of Tapasya who does a lot to increase his suspicions. For example, on the honeymoon, he tries to arrange things in such a way that he will catch Veer and Ichcha red-handed, but that does not happen, with Veer finding the unconscious Ichcha and bringing her back to her room (and in between also confronting an angry Tapasya who knows that Veer and Ichcha will never overstep their limits).
His determination to make things worse with his suspicion is so great that Veer is forced to concede that maybe it is better if Veer goes away from Vansh and the family, and let him spend time on his own so that he can get over this suspicion, and that the love of Ichcha will finally bring him to the right path. His mother is horrified at this, since she considers that Veer going away to the US is like a separation of the family, and Ichcha is also horrified at the separation of the brothers. Tapasya feels that her revenge is in progress, but she does not know that her spurned lover Sid is now stalking her and is all set to make her life hell.
Vansh gets a scolding from his mother when he refuses to go to the house of Tapasya and Ichcha for their parents wedding anniversary function, since she reminds him that it was they who allowed Ichcha to marry Vansh when Vansh was a recovering drug addict, and that on no account should be do something that could show them that the marriage is not a happy one – so he goes along with Ichcha for the function, but his anger at Ichcha is still very high.

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