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Hindi TV Serial – Jyoti – Finally Jyoti understands that she wants to be with Kabir only, while Pankaj realizes that he will do anything for the child

In Jyoti, there are 2 separate tracks going on with the 2 men in Jyoti’s life, one being Pankaj who kicked her out of his life and refused to accept that the child she was carrying was his. And as a part of this, he has now learnt from Brij that whatever he had learnt in the past was all false, and that the child that Jyoti is carrying is his. And he is now determined to do whatever it takes to get the forthcoming child back to him, to the extent that he is now willing to even reply back to his Choti Man. He is consulting with his lawyer to determine the best possible method for this, and this could even including marrying Jyoti to ensure that the child remains with him. For this, he is willing to divorce his wife Neelam (since it has now become clear that relations between the 2 of them are not so cordial, including when he caught Neelam with somebody else and learnt that she does not really consider him a husband).
On the other hand, Jyoti has been battling with her feelings for Kabir, since her friendship with him has been very strong – he seems a perfectly understanding and no-pretences guy who also seems to be a very good friend. And he has made it very clear that he wants to marry her and will prove to be a good dad for her future child even when the child is not his. It is only when he is leaving that she realizes that she does not want him to leave and chases his to the train station where like a filmy end, it seems that he has left, and when she turns, she sees him. Padma is not happy at this, but others in her family support her; when Pankaj learns about his, he is very angry and wants to do anything that will prevent control of the child from going to somebody else.

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