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Hindi TV Serial – Bandini – Santu hears that her pregnancy will face medical problems and issues

Things seem to be looking for Santu and Dharamraj in recent times. Santu and DM have become much closer, and then things become even happier when it is revealed that Santu is pregnant and is going to have a child (does not seem a bit strange that DM already has a grandson from his children, and he will now have a child that is younger than his grandson – one thought that such things only happened long time back, not in the current). When this is revealed in the family, everybody is very happy for Santu and for Dharamraj.
Now, there is something that is starting to get fishy with respect to Dr. Megha and her relation with DM which is something that DM is keeping a secret (currently a secret even from viewers of the serial); but Dr. Megha is also treating Santu, and asks her a lot of questions about her family medical history. And then Dr. Megha tells Santu a shocking news, that her baby is not normal, will be born abnormally in terms of both physical and mental status, and that she should tell her family that the pregnancy will need to be terminated.
Santu is shocked at this news, and is very worried about how she can tell the family this (even though she knows that the family will support her), but when everybody is so happy about this, how can she spread such bad news in the family, and is not sure of a time when she can tell this in the family and to DM. In the meantime, DM is making preparations for the arrival of the baby; she even questions God about why God is doing this to them. Dr. Megha in the meantime is pushing Santu to go in quickly for an abortion, and for that, she needs to tell the family about this event.

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