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Hindi TV Serial – Bidaai – A huge change in order in Bidaai – Sadhana in a bomb blast, and Ragini falls down the stairs

This episode (the episode of 19th June 2010) was a special episode, happening on a Saturday (the serial normally does occur on weekdays, so happening on a weekend was a bit different). With this episode, Bidaai has gone through some major happenings. These are supposed to be happy times for the serial, with both Sadhana and Ragini being mothers or would be mothers. In fact, Sadhana has already given birth to a baby girl called Khushi, thus marking the first level of celebration in the family. At the same time, Sadhana keeps on getting some bad dreams and foreboding regarding Ragini, and is always apprehensive of what will happen; she has kept a fast for the same and goes to the temple for doing a prayer for this.
And now everything starts moving in high gear. When Sadhana and Alekh are in the temple, there are news reports about terrorists having been detected in the area of the city where the temple is located, something that scares and Ranvir when he sees the report on television.
And in the house, more panic happens since Ragini, heavily pregnant, and almost due, falls down the stairs and now needs emergency treatment. Vinu had arrived at the house just in time, and he takes Ranvir and Ragini along with him to the hospital for treatment, but because of the security scare ongoing, they meet multiple police roadblocks on the way to the hospital, and in fact, they are pushed back to a different route and need to take a different path. On this new route, they have an accident, and the car bangs into a tree. Now, the question is, in the promos, they show a death in the family, and they have not identified which of the 2 ladies, Sadhana or Ragini have met their death.

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