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Hindi TV Serial – Pratigya – All sorts of strange things happening in the serial, with politics, money pressure, kidnapping, etc

There are multiple stories going on in the serial right now, but they are again starting to show Krishna in a good light. Krishna’s father has turned Pratigya out of the house and Krishna is along with her, and then he starts to get information that this is going to cause problems to his political aspirations. He is told by another politician that people from his caste are angry over his son marrying a girl from another caste, and voters from Pratigya’s caste are unlikely to vote for him since he turned her out of the house, and this cause Sujan Singh to start thinking about the next course of action.
In the meantime, Pratigya’s father is facing problems due to pressure from Angad. Angad had kidnapped Pratigya earlier, and is now demanding Rs. 5 lakh from the professor, and if this amount is not given to him, wants Arushi to be handed over to him; something over which Arushi revolts and runs away from the house. In the meantime, Pratigya goes to her parents house and her father refuses to tell her anything, and tells her harshly that she is now the bahu of Sujan Singh and should go and take care of Krishna. Pratigya is shocked at this, but inspite of all her protests, her father refuses to tell her anything.
Now, Pratigya finds Arushi on the streets at night, and runs after her, and manages to catch Arushi even though Arushi is running away from her. And then Pratigya finds out about the demand from Angad, and also her suspicion that Krishna may be behind some of the events is denied totally by Arushi. Krishna finds Pratigya missing and tries to locate her.

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