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Hindi TV Serial – Laagi Tujhse Lagan on Colors – Naku saves Datta’s life, so maybe he will start believing her now

Datta has his mind poisoned against Nakusha due to the running away of Supriya, since Kala blamed the entire episode on the planning of Nakusha. Datta decided to punish Naku (since she claimed to love him) by marrying her, and then ensuring that she cannot run away, and she would certainly not get the rights and love of a wife. And at the same time, Kala also determines that she would do whatever she could to ensure that Naku remains insulted and downtrodden.
But, things will change, since the love of Naku is so strong that she is willing to wait for her real self to be apparent to Datta, and then he will realize that she is not against him, and in fact, is his strongest supporter. And the situation for that happens soon enough. Datta is fighting hard against Anna, who is one step ahead of Datta in terms of planning.
So, Anna decides to trap Datta in a temple, by getting all the pandits replaced by his men, and also ensuring that Datta does not have any armed security in the temple along with him. But Naku, who is at the house, learns of this from the pandits who were replaced by Anna’s men, and rushes to the temple to save him. She prevents Datta from drinking poison given to him by Anna’s men, and then there is a fight. In this fight, Datta along with Baji manage to keep a knife concealed with Naku when they are under the fear of guns, and as soon as there is an opportunity, Datta gets the knife and manges to rescue themselves from the clutches of Anna’s men. When Datta comes home, he is determined this time to stop Anna totally, and also reveals to the household how Naku was the one who was responsible for saving them. In return for this task, he offers to Naku that she can get rid of the marriage that is keeping her prisoner, while that is the last thing that Datta would want.

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