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Hindi TV Serial – Bandini – Moullick dies, killed by his own mother Motiben, after it is revealed that he is the kidnapper

There is one nice thing about the serial Bandini, it moves fairly fast. In the recent episodes, they have combined 2 different stories, and made one common story, which seems to have ended for now.
One story was about the relation between Megha and DM, which Santu was very curious about, and which DM wants to hide from her, other than telling her that she should not mix too much with Megha, and be careful of who all she interacts with.
Further, the next story was about the kidnapping of a lot of children, including Vishal and Nandini, with the kidnapping being done by men under the control of Maullick. Santu had felt that Maullick had changed, and she wanted to get him a chance to get better, but maybe the serial makers felt that it was time to remove him from the serial, and they decided that he will be the main star for a couple of episodes, and then vanish from the serial.
And so, when Maullick had kidnapped the children, Suraj managed to do some detective work, and find the location of the children, and managed to get all of them except for Vishal, who was in another room. At not finding Vishal, Megha goes frantic, and also tells DM the truth, that Vishal was the son of DM (but they do not explain the scenario in which DM and Megha came in contact).
The demand is for a huge amount of money – Rs. 100 crore. Eventually Motiben detects that the kidnapper is Maullick and goes to confront him, since she now believes that her son has gone beyond the limit, and in the final confrontation, shoots him dead when he has the gun on Vishal. She is now in jail, and they are taking the body for final respects.

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