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Hindi TV Serial – Uttaran – More problems for Ichcha, and the truth about drug addiction problems

In Uttaran, Ichcha has been facing perpetual problems with Vansh now. The concept was that if she would get married to Vansh, then he would have a strong incentive to reform himself and not go back to drug addition; further, the amount of love he would get from a strong loving wife would help even further. But, this does not really seem to be working, since Vansh remains forever suspicious of Ichcha, and her relationship with Veer. Veer has gone away from the house, but not yet gone to the United States as he told everybody, and Vansh gets to know about this.
Further, anything Ichcha does gets Vansh angry, whether she has gone for shopping outside and takes too long, or if she is late for a dinner that Vansh has cooked. He remains hyper-active, ready to become very angry, and also not very friendly towards Veer.
And then a shock for Veer. He meets a doctor who specializes in drug addiction cases at a party, and then hears some very shocking advice from her. When he tells her about Vansh and the marriage, and how they are attempting to cure Vansh through the marriage, she tells Veer that they are doing something that is not right.
The way to solve such cases is by taking the person through a drug de-addiction program, and then ensuring that they get proper treatment. Marrying them off to somebody and hoping that love will cure them is something that does not work, and can result in severe problems for the wife, since the person will remain temperamental, prone to fits of severe anger, and other such problems, and the wife will have to face all this, something that Ichcha is already facing.

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