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Hindi TV Serial – Uttaran – The end of Vansh, what does this mean for the tortured relationship between Veer and Ichcha

Uttaran is going through some major upheavals. For some time now, Vansh has been very suspicious about the current state of the relationship between Veer and Ichcha, fed by the clever and cunning Tapasya. Tapasya wanted Ichcha to suffer, and so she did whatever she could do to spoil the relationship between Vansh and Ichcha, and as a result, Vansh was very cold towards Ichcha. He refused to believe her that she was now totally for Vansh, taunting her every so often, getting very angry at her, and sarcastic almost all the time. Further, it was because of him that Veer decided to quit, and go off to the United States.
However, when Vansh found out that Veer had not left for the US, but was in Delhi, he got even more suspicious. He dreamed of killing Ichcha, and also started carrying a pistol. And then he followed Ichcha, determined to catch her in the act; but by mistake, he started following Tapasya (so convenient), and was there when Tapasya had her confrontation with Sid (who accused Tapasya of framing him, and was blackmailing her so that she could leave along with him). In this confrontation, Vansh heard how Tapasya was responsible for poisoning his mind, and that there was nothing between Veer and Ichcha now. He got real emotional when he realized that Ichcha was speaking the truth, and that he was responsible for everything that was going wrong.
He decides to confront Tapasya, but his emotions were a blur, and Tapasya managed to convince him that he was more guilty than her, and that if he wanted to kill her, he should kill himself as well. This somehow struck a chord in Vansh, and eventually shot himself.

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