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Hindi TV Serial – Uttaran – The truth about Tapasya comes out, and she is kicked out of the house by both sides

Uttaran moved towards a major resolution of some of the issues that have been present in the serial till now, with Tapasya continuing to conspire against Ichcha, culminating in the suicide of Vansh when he was provoked by Tapasya; he was anyhow ill due to his long drug use, was not so healthy overall mentally, […]

Hindi TV Serial – Geet – Hui Sabse Parai – Geet continues to shy away from Maan because of her own constraints

The serial is showing a lot of time in getting the 2 main characters together, especially since they have their own issues. Maan is a person who is focused on his work, but is getting closer to Geet and it is taking time for him to realize this. However, now he is pretty sure that […]

Hindi TV Serial – Na Aana Is Des Ladoo – The elections are near, and Sia is also expecting a baby

The scene is cast in Na Aana Is Des Ladoo. After a long period where it seemed that Sia had given up the fight, she is back in the bitter fight against Ammaji and is standing up against her in the local elections. Something that is troubling Ammaji to a large extent, since she believes […]

Hindi TV Serial – Geet – Hui Sabse Parai – The budding love story between Maan and Geet

Geet – Hui Sabse Parai takes the story of a small town girl who is tricked by a NRI. Geet is the young and bubbly girl from a Punjabi family belonging to Hoshiarpur, who was married off to a very eligible NRI Dev from Canada, a dream prospect that her parents and family were so […]