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Hindi TV Serial – Bandini – Santu realizes the truth about Megha, comes back to challenge her and take her place back

The show is getting real weird. It keeps on showing the central character of Santu suffering problems (sometimes of her own making, including when she believes anything without adequate proof, and consequently, suffers later) and then overcoming them over a period of time. The current situation in the show is something similar.
Around 6 months back, the show suffered a major problem when there was shown to be a past relationship between DM and Megha, with DNA tests showing that Vishal was the son of DM (even though DM denied that there was ever a relationship between him and Megha). When Santu sees this, she breaks up with DM and wants DM to give Vishal his due as well as the proper rights for Megha (although by her logic, Santu should continue to be the one who should get the most rights from DM).
However, even when DM goes to get her back, Santu refuses to go back, and then, based on the perception that people may feel wrong about DM and Megha, DM agrees to marry Megha. And then it happens. Santu comes across some evidence that indicated that there is a lot of wrong in the claims made by Megha, and comes back to confront Megha. However, the evidence that she had is no longer available, most likely taken by Megha.
Now, the family is against her, and DM also is not in her favor, but Santu is used to such odds in the past. Megha is conspiring with Motiben to cause lots of problems for Santu, and now, there are rumours that the show may go in for another time shift in the future. If something like that happens, then it would seem really odd.

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