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Hindi TV Serial – Uttaran – The truth about Tapasya comes out, and she is kicked out of the house by both sides

Uttaran moved towards a major resolution of some of the issues that have been present in the serial till now, with Tapasya continuing to conspire against Ichcha, culminating in the suicide of Vansh when he was provoked by Tapasya; he was anyhow ill due to his long drug use, was not so healthy overall mentally, and when Tapasya brought up his guilt complex, the pressure was too much for him to bear and he finally turned the gun on himself.
For some time Ichcha blamed Veer for this, but it finally came about that Vansh had committed suicide, and with Tapasya willing to give this testimony, Veer was free of the accusation that he had killed his own elder brother. However, Veer knew that somebody else was involved in this, and put in a lot of effort to try and figure out who was responsible. Soon enough his suspicions fell on Tapasya, and he started playing on her emotions to try and get her to admit more.
But the end seemed a bit contrived, since it was shown that Veer took the help of Siddharth, who was blaming Tapasya for everything gone wrong in his life, and when Tapasya finally managed to collect the money to give to Siddharth, Veer took a CD containing the video of what happened. He then called both sets of families together, and after some initial praise, made the entire issue open, showing the video, and blaming Tapasya for everything. Tapasya got angry at this, and refused to accept any blame for the death of Vansh. Finally Veer kicked Tapasya out of the house, and when she came back to her parents house, Jogi Thakur kicked Tapasya out of the house. In fact, when Nani tried to stop him, he told her that she was free to go with Tapasya as well, at which Nani removed her hand from Tapasya’s hand and abandoned her.

1 comment to Hindi TV Serial – Uttaran – The truth about Tapasya comes out, and she is kicked out of the house by both sides


    Colours may please stop screening this blody story, the most dirties. Not even a 1% credit can be given. I do not know how the artistics are acting, it depcits a very bad characters among the people viewers.

    Regret for screeting this by COLOURS.

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