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Hindi TV Serial – Baat Hamari Pakki – Shravan wants a divorce from Saachi, but there is the 25 lakh demand

In Baat Hamari Pakki hain, after a long period in which people would come to see Saachi but nothing seemed to be clicking, she finally found somebody called Shravan, who seemed to be a perfect person for her. However, even in this story, there is a twist. Shravan has no interest in Saachi, instead he is romantically involved with Tara, but Tara is not ready to marry him now. On the other hand, Shravan’s family is not particularly happy with him, seeing him as irresponsible, being uninterested in doing the right things in life, and not leading the life that he should be leading. They are not happy with Tara either.
So they see Sachi as a very happy constant in the life of Shravan, and literally force him to do the marriage. His bhabhi applies a lot of pressure on him, even though he has asked Saachi to sign a contract for the marriage, and his family is very concerned about this nonsense about the contract. Saachi tells Shravan that she wants to get married so that the pressure on her from her family can ease up, and then in around 6 months time, they can go in for a divorce. He will have the required time he wants so that he can marry Tara, and she will in the meantime be able to persuade her family that the marriage did not work.
However, as you can imagine, the arrangement really does not work like this. Tara, once she sees Sachi and Shravan together, imagines that they can easily fall for each other, and Shravan would not come to her after 6 months, so wants Shravan to end the marriage now rather than wait for later. Sachi does not really like this, but uses the condition of a Rs. 25 lakh payment to be made to her for ending the marriage as a condition before she will agree to separate.

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