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Hindi TV Serial – Bandini – Megha going full on drama, killing Santu and DM, and getting Vishal back

Bandini is one serial that moves fairly fast, not takes too much time for the story to do its twists and turns (not drawn out like many other serials). Right now Bandini is going through a major drama, with Megha out of jail (somebody bailed her out). At the same time, there was a confrontation regarding Sarang, where it became clear to everybody that Sarang’s marriage to Birwa was a sham. However, worryingly, Monghi had become close to Sarang before she was told about the truth of Sarang by Birwa, and she is now pregnant with Saran’s child. Her medical condition is that she cannot abort this child, and now the fact is out in the open. DM hears all this, and then kicks Sarang out. Sarang comes under the influence of Megha, and goes to the panchayat to save his children.
In a twist of how rural justice can be so much like the Taleban, first the panchayat thinks of stoning Monghi for her unmarried motherhood, but then Santu scares Sarang by getting them to also blame Sarang for the same crime, and that he should be stoned as well. However, Santu saves Monghi from a punishment by using the presence of an unborn child to save this kind of stoning, and instead gets them exiled from the village.
At the same time, Megha is determined to get her revenge, and plans a major event to kidnap Vishal and also get rid of Santu and DM. She has a number of men to do her doing, and even though Santu and Monghi know of her plan, and Santu ensures that DM knows all this; and yet they are unable to stop Megha from doing what she wants to do. Santu keeps Vishal in a safe place, and yet Megha enters the house in the disguise of a maid.

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