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Hindi TV Serial – Dil Mil Gaye – Back to square one, Armaan and Riddhima feeling for each other

Dil Mil Gaye has suddenly started turning boring, with the story taking a strange twist. For some time now, the serial has been showing the sudden and non-loving marriage of Riddhima and Sid slowly starting to move along. Both of them decide that they want to take this relationship ahead, and slowly start to feel each other out (although initially Sid was very angry with Riddhima because of the fact that she wanted to commit suicide at the time of the marriage). But they were trying to make a case out of it, and Riddhima seemed to want to give the marriage a serious effort and even tried to persuade Sid to get it a serious attempt.
And then the makers of the serial started to put in some masala, and brought in the character of Armaan, the former love of Riddhima. Armaan did not know for some time that Riddhima was married to Siddharth, and when he finally found out, he was shocked, but then decided to try and support this, since it seemed that Riddhima was uncomfortable with him, and seemed to try and make the marriage a success.
And now the twist, it seems that both Armaan and Riddhima are having second thoughts. Both feel that they still have feelings for each other, and this is causing Riddhima to have a lot of confusion, since she is not able to fully commit to Sid, and Sid is also confused at this behavior of Riddhima. Further, Armaan has reverted back, and is now sure that he wants Riddhima back, even though this can cause problems to the marriage.

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