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Hindi TV Serial – Na Aana Is Des Ladoo – Sia suffering from the acts taken by Ammaji

The serial is going through a state of confrontation. The serial also some change in the relationships in the house, where there was a state of confrontation between Sunheri and Ganjendra. Sunheri had always supported Gajji in all his machinations, but she saw his bad side when he was under prosecution for the rape and murder of a maid. He got free from the court action due to the policies of Ammaji, but had to face some tough times from his own wife Sunheri; and Gajendra was unable to take these questions and turned brutal on Sunheri, beating her and then raping his own wife.
Sunheri went into shock at all this, and was supported by the ladies of the house, including Sia. It was Sia who taught her to fight for her rights, and finally Sunheri decide to go against Gajendra in court, to prosecute him for his rape and brutal beating of her. Ammaji and her elder son were totally against this, and Raghav was supportive of Sia and her fight. Finally in court, it was the decision that Ammaji could not stomach, and inspite of all her attempts, the court agreed with the need to punish Gajendra and sentenced him to a 7 year prison sentence. This was something that left Ammaji with very few supporters, with Raghav now against her, and then Gajendra in prison.
Finally, Ammaji played her role, calling a village panchayat where she criticized Sia for carrying a female child against the policies of the village and asked for Sia to get an abortion, something that Sia refused; at which stones were thrown against her until Raghav managed to rescue her. Ammaji did more attempts on Sia, at which Raghav is finally in open protest, and tells Ammaji that he will bring down the haveli if something happens to Sia.

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