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Hindi TV Serials – Rang Badalti Odhani – Shaan and Khanak are now discovering each other, slowly and steadily

Rang Badalti Odhani is a relatively new serial on Star One, that was a bit slow and low viewer attention, but is now gathering pace and starting to draw more users. The serial starts with the situation in a village where the village girl Khanak is in love with Suraj and getting married to him, but tragedy occurs soon after marriage when Suraj dies in an electrocution at the factory owned by Shantanu’s father (and due to negligence by Shantanu). As a result, Khanak goes to the panchayat for justice, and Shantanu is asked to make up – he first arranges for a groom for Khanak, but when that fails, and in order to save his own life, he marries Khanak (even though he is already committed to Natasha, and his mother and bhabhi are totally for Natasha, and cannot understand or like Khanak). However, Shantanu’s father and brother support Khanak and see her as a way to get some sense of responsibility into Shaan.
In the beginning, Shantanu and Khanak really don’t like each other, but slowly move closer to each other. However, this starts to impact Shantanu’s relation with Natasha who was already shocked at this marriage; and Shantanu’s father tries to increase the closeness between Khanak and Shantanu by sending them on a business trip that cannot be avoided, and away from the machinations of Shaan’s mother and bhabhi who are trying to separate them.
They start falling for each other, but then comes a decision time whereby due to pressure, Shantanu has to decide whether he needs to break the marriage and marry Natasha, and then Natasha herself moves away (partly because the actress playing Natasha is getting married in October 2010); this causes both Shantanu’s mother and Bhabhi to be very disappointed and against Khanak.
Now, Khanak and Shantanu are moving closer to each other, but very far more intimate with each other.

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