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Hindi TV Serial – Geet – Hui Sabse Parai – Geet and Mann finally meet again, in the hospital

Geet ran away from the engagement ceremony soon after she saw Dev (her husband for one night, who had tricked her and ran away with her money and jewelery). Since she learnt that Dev was Mann’s brother, she was scared about what this news about Dev would mean for Mann, given the family connections. Further, Nayantara had mininformed Mann’s grandmother about what Geet had done and she was now against Geet. Geet was also very sad about what Mann had done (since she could not find Mann and she assumed that he had gone away without listening to her, and did not even try to find out from her about what the truth was). She had even gone to the police to complain about Dev and Nayantara, but they rebuffed her, asking her for proof, since Dev was from a very rich and prestigious family. Further, she was adviced to take a DNA test, but stepped back when the doctor told her that this could cause harm to the baby.
On the other hand, Dev was trying to admit to the truth, but never did go to the police about this, or tell his grandmother or even Mann. However, he did try to stop Nayanatara when she was trying to separate Mann and Geet (because she knew that when Mann got to know, he would also find out about her role in all this).
But finally Geet and Mann do get together in the hospital where Mann was admitted after he was in a lift accident. Mann does want to know why Geet ran away from the engagement, but she still does not want to tell the truth since Dev was Mann’s brother.

1 comment to Hindi TV Serial – Geet – Hui Sabse Parai – Geet and Mann finally meet again, in the hospital

  • Geet should tell the truth not only about dev.even she should say about nayanthra also.maan aur geet dono milkar dev and nayantara ko punishment dena chaiye,

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