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Hindi Tv Serial – Geet – Hui Sabse Parai – Mann and Geet have to fight Nayantara

The serial has taken another twist. For a few weeks, they have shown the couple being somewhat separated after a skirmish over the release of Dev from jail on bail. Geet was angry over the role of Mann in getting Dev released from jail and considered for once that Mann was breaking her confidence and betraying all the trust, and as a result, she broke up from him.
However, they could not be separated for long, and got together again, through some strange circumstances. Mann bought the company in which Geet went to work, and after some amount of madcap events, they are together again. Mann realized that he cannot be without Geet, and Geet realized that Mann is always on her side, and would only try to shelter her. So, their relation is back to normal, but there are some complications involved now.
Nayantara got out of jail, and used the Power of Attorney that Dev had granted her, in order to transfer 25% of the shares of the company to her name, and now pushes her way into the office, and Mann threatens her a lot but is unable to kick her out. Nayantara has a few objectives, she wants Geet’s pregnancy to get aborted since this is her husband Dev’s child, wants to prevent the marriage of geet and Mann, and also prevent any relation between Meera and Dev (since even though Dev may hate her and deny any chance of the marriage succeeding, she does not want Dev to have a relationship with anybody else).
Nayantara got her friend Sweety to come to the office, in order to help her in this quest against Mann and Geet, and also takes the help of Sasha (one wonders how Sasha got the courage to go against Mann, even though she knows how Mann would treat her once he gets to know).

2 comments to Hindi Tv Serial – Geet – Hui Sabse Parai – Mann and Geet have to fight Nayantara

  • neha26401

    pls ask star one to repeat the serial at 11:00 pm or 11:30 pm as this is the most favorable time to watch this awesome serial especially gurmeet……pls pls

  • Sholanki Chakraborty

    O I can’t see any more Maan & Geet staying sooooo far away from each other. Please show us them together as soon as possible.

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