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Hindi TV Serial – Geet, Hui Sabse Parayi – In a lot of drama, Mann applies sindoor to Geet

This was truly filmi style marriage. Geet has gone to a party along with Mann, and Nayantara is also there, all set to finally do harm to Geet. Nayantara already has 2 supporters in the form of Sweety (who is a client of the company) and Sasha, but has not really told them of her intention. She has some complex intentions, directed against many people. She does not want her husband to be affectionate with anybody else (Dev and Meera), she does not want her husband’s child with Geet to be born (rather, she wants to get the child killed), and she also wants to keep Geet and Mann apart, something that Dev wants to oppose in any way. Dev on the other hand is very apologetic and feels very bad for what he has done to Geet.
And now Nayantara is trying to trap Geet. In the party, Sasha tries to send Mann away for meeting some client so as to sign a contract (and the client will be away for many months, so the contract needs to be signed at exactly the same time), and then gets Sweety to get Geet to come to the 1st floor. And then Nayantara meets Geet over on the deserted 1st floor, and after threatening Geet, she manages to push Geet down over a broken bannister. However, in the nick of time, Mann saves Geet, preventing her from falling over. And then, when confronted, Nayantara tries to shame Geet, but then Mann steps in and claims that he is totally behind Geet, and then in a dramatic fashion, breaks a glass in his hand, and with the blood that is coming out, puts it on Geet’s head, ritually marrying her. Everybody, including Nayantara is totally shocked at this turn of events.
And then Nayantara loses her 2 supporters, in the form of Sasha and Sweety, who are shocked at what NT has tried to do (they would also be complicit in the attempt to kill Geet), and scold NT, telling her that they do not want to be associated with her from now on.

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