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Hindi TV Serials – Laagi Tujhse Lagan – When Nakusha reveals her true self, Dutta is shocked

The serial seems to have a steady theory, whenever Nakusha is under some suspicion or Dutta has been led to not trust her, she does something that causes everybody to again start believing in her. In the past, when Kalavati had managed to put the blame of the running away of Dutta’s fiancee on Naku, she managed to save Dutta and get him away from the plans of Anna, which caused the family members and Dutta to appreciate her.
Now, the bigger problem that Nakku is facing is that she has created an image of herself as an ugly maid type of girl, and this seems to work for her; Dutta does not believe in the concept of beauty anymore and this is creating a problem for Nakku since sometime Dutta will get to know that she is actually not ugly, which can cause further problems for her. At the same time, Dutta’s sister, Kala, is all out to reveal anything about Nakku that can get her into further trouble, and as a part of that, she finally gets to know that Nakku is not ugly, but beautiful and also has a fair skin.
Nakku finally tells Dutta about what she had done, and as she expected, Dutta did not take it very well, rejecting her and treating her with disdain. She proves her loyalty yet again by saving Dutta from a bullet (seems like a very familiar sight), and was in hospital, and yet, this time, it seems that Dutta is not moved.
At the same time, Kala is upto her usual tricks, putting a drug in Nakku’s drink which causes her to behave drunk and go upto the stage (at a party hosted when she comes back from the hospital), and in which she beseeches Dutta to accept her. Dutta apparently does not like this display and slaps her out of it.

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