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Hindi TV Serial – Laagi Tujhe Lagan on Colors – Dutta really not willing to talk to Nakku, is very cold to her

The serial is showing a period when Dutta is not willing to accept Nakku as his wife (and this when Naku can make out that she loves her); he is shocked with the thought that she hid such a big truth from him about her beauty and fairness, and ever since his fiancee had deserted him on the marriage date, he cannot stand beauty.
Nakku tries her best to find out from Dutta why he is not willing to accept her. She had already explained to Dutta that her mother decided it was best to save Nakku by making her seem ugly in the basti, since that would be the best way to ensure that men outside did not cast an evil eye on Nakku. However, Dutta remains cold to her and does not accept anything; telling her that she can live in the house but they really don’t have a relation anymore.
And then Nakku gets a shock when some man comes to the house, claiming to be a past lover of Nakku who still loves her and wants her. Nakku is shocked that when Dutta comes to know of this, he does not say something to the effect that he does not doubt her character, and she later tells him that it is very easy for a lady to lose her reputation, and how could he tell her that if she wanted to leave, she could do so. However, when Dutta does not give her a satisfactory answer, Nakku tells Dutta that she would no longer stay in the same room as Dutta, and moves out. Kala of course is happy at this, since she never liked Nakku and was always scheming to get her out of her brother’s life.
Now, Dutta meets a shopkeeper and his wife, and they teach him a lesson about the love between husband and wife; when Dutta sees that the husband is currently handicapped and the wife supports him to the fullest extent.

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