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Hindi TV Serial – Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahaani – The strange going on in the serial, between Piya and Abhay

This is a very different serial, different from all those family serials that showcase the difference between family members, and so on. The serial takes on the paranormal, getting into the concept of creatures such as werewolves and vampires (or atleast people who are not humans), and who are trying to be part of normal society. The show does not try to be a horror show, instead a love story is being shown between a human being and a creature.
So Abhay and his parents are shown as people with super-human properties, who can move faster than speeding cars, who have super-human strength, and so on. His parents are quite clear, they have to integrate in society and hence need to hide their powers so that they are not found out. Abhay on the other hand is more comfortable with his powers but still takes the effort not to be found out. The complication comes when Abhay comes in contact with Piya (who is actually the daughter of Arnav, who is also the father of 2 of Piya’s best friends; Arnav does not know about this).
For Abhay, Piya resembles a much older companion of his, and he is drawn to her; at the same time, he is also aware of his powers and how easily he could be found out, so he has been making an effort to ensure that nobody in college comes close to him, and if possible, hate him. But, he is shown as a person with a good heart. Together, they are drawn into a series of adventures, such as exposing Danish for the fraud that he is (so Piya along with Abhay, and Maya (who was carrying Abhay’s child) expose Danish before he can succeed in his ambitions of marrying into Panchi Dobriyal, a rich family). Danish has sworn to attack Piya, but Abhay comes in between every time.
Now, Piya is slowly some evidence of the amazing abilities of Abhay, such as when he is able to move faster than a jeep to stop some rowdies who were trying to rape her. How will she find out his reality ?

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