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Hindi TV Serials – Pavitra Rishta – The truth about Dharmesh getting exposed

One thing true about Pavitra Rishta is that there is always a lot of drama about the serial. This is true for the present as well. Jayawant and Manju did not really like that fact that Maanav and Archana were living in the same house with each other, with Jaywant being really jealous. Manjusha on the other hand had never really like Maanav and Archana, and hence both of them conspired to get Maanav discredited and humiliated. And so they managed to plant some evidence where it seemed like Maanav had stolen money belonging to Vinod, and they did this in front of everybody. And as a result, Maanav, Varsha, and the others all ganged up on Maanav, accusing him of stealing money from the same house which gave him shelter. Archana was outraged by the accusation, since she knew that Maanav would never do such a thing; and she and Maanav left the house. However, she managed to get proof that it was Manju who was involved, which shocked Vinod and left him feeling very bad, also since Archana accused him of behaving badly towards Maanav and told him that she no longer regarded him as a brother.
And the main story is about Dharmesh, who is being projected as a confirmed bad guy in the serial now. Dharmesh is now shown as having a wife and son before the marriage with Vaishu, and he visits them while keeping this a secret from the others. Maanav and Archana get to know about this when they see him in a hospital in Pune with his wife, Madhuri. Now Dharmesh is slowly getting into trouble since his wife Madhuri wants to have another child, and Vaishu has also told him that she is very happy since she is now pregnant. Maanav and Archana are very hesitant about telling Vaishu since they are not sure how she will take such news, but they do not want Dharmesh to carry on with what he is doing, and so that he will stop deceiving Vaishu about this.

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