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Hindi TV Serials – Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya – Arushi gets taken by force by Shakti

Something very strange is ongoing in the serial right now, especially when it comes to the right of women. Arushi marries Shakti when Shakti is already married to Kesar, and under the Hindu marriage code, Shakti cannot marry a second time when his first wife is alive. Pratigya and Krishna have been protesting this for quite some time, but have not managed to persuade any of the other family members, Shakti, SS, or Amma that what is happening is wrong. Instead, Krishna is criticized by all of them for turning over to the other side and only supporting his own wife.
And a new issue crops up when Arushi realizes that what she has done is wrong, that Pratigya was trying to help her and that she made a mistake by marrying Shakti in anger. She wants to change things, and seek the support of her family who have disowned her ever since she married Shakti. She manages to escape and goes along with Krishna and Pratigya back to her father’s house who finally accepts her back. However, Shakti and Sajjan Singh come there, and using a gun, force Arushi to go back with them. Shyamji and Adarsh head to SS’s house and lodge a complaint with the police and an inspector comes with them. After much coaxing, SS finally gets Amma to get Arushi from the room inside, and Arushi wants to leave. However, when the inspector finds out that Arushi had married out of her own choice and has not suffered any harm, he does not care that she wants to leave and tells her that she has to remain there. A strange action on behalf of the police.
Shakti is getting in a bad state, wanting to take Arushi, and is talking about killing Kesar so that he has only one wife, and that is Arushi.

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