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Hindi TV Serial – Pavitra Rishta – Vaishu finds out the truth about Dharmesh, leaves him for now

This was bound to happen, and it happened pretty quickly in the serial. For some time now, the serial has been showing Dharmesh as having a second wife (or rather, he has been married earlier to another lady called Madhur in Pune, and also has a son by her). So Vaishu is his second wife, but he carries on as if nothing has changed and when Maanav and Archana come to know, he threatens them to ensure that they do not tell Vaishali anything. However, Maanav and Archana are more scared of how Vaishu will reach if she gets to know, and further, they are not sure whether they will even be believed by Vaishu, since she does not seem to have much trust in them.
In the meantime, Dharmesh causes more trouble for Maanav, he gets him kicked out of his job as a waiter, and this causes Maanav to try and search for doing something else, along with Ajith. He is starting to find ways to get some money, including borrowing from a local guy at a 1% rate of interest per month. One is not sure where this will lead him.
In the meantime, there is severe trouble on the Vaishu and Dharmesh front, since Vaishu finds herself in the same hotel where Dharmesh is staying with his wife Madhuri (although she has already seen the son with Dharmesh, but Dharmesh denied everything). But now, when the police raid the hotel, she sees Dharmesh with Madhuri, where Dharmesh tells the police that he is with his wife Madhuri only, and now Vaishu has no further doubts on the status of Dharmesh and his marriage.
Now, Vaishu has left Dharmesh and temporarily moved in with Maanav and Archana, while Dharmesh is trying to get her back.

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