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Hindi TV Serials – Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahaani – Piya learns the truth of Abhay, and after initial shock, gets over it

For the past several weeks, events in the serial have been leading to a time when it would become clear to Piya about why does Abhay show some strange behavior, why he is able to save her again and again from some strange and dangerous situations, and how he is able to show some super-human strength. She has been doing a lot of research into the situation as well, even though Abhay has been trying to save her. She found out the story about the princess of the region (Maithili), who lived a long time ago and whose lover was very similar to Abhay. Was Abhay really the person from centuries back, and how was this possible for a person to be alive for so long ?
Piya was hunting for the cabin in the forest where apparently Mythili was killed by her own father such a long time back (burnt to dead inside the cottage); and finally she seems to find the cottage. Both Abhay and his parents are able to figure out where she is, in the middle of the jungle, and it is now a race between them. Abhay believes that the place is full of evil, where he has already lost somebody he loved in the past. However, his parents want to get Abhay away from Pia, especially since they know that she resembled Mythili (and they want Abhay to stay away from such problems, especially since Abhay needs to stay like a normal human being, and in the presence of Piya, Abhay has been behaving abnormally, with powers that are much stronger than that a human being could possess); and as a result, they decide to finally get rid of Riya and burn the cottage down.
Abhay reaches there at a time when Piya was in danger because of the fire, and is finally forced to expose his true nature to Piya in order to save her. At this, Piya gets very uncomfortable, and even takes a long bath in order to cleanse herself; but she soon realizes that the relation between Abhay and Piya is very strong and goes back near him again. On another front, her father is getting close to her, in his attempts to find who his daughter actually is.

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