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Hindi TV Serials – Ram Milaayi Jodi – A couple from different regions of the country

Ram Milaayi Jodi is a fairly new serial, started on Zee TV on the 20th of September. It is a show that takes the tale of a couple from different regions of the country, and the tensions that come up in such a marriage. The serial takes the story of Mona and Anukalp, where Mona is a Sikh, while Anukalp is from a Gujarati family.
There is a lot of misunderstanding regarding when they met, where Mona was to be engaged to somebody else (Goldie, who is a brother-in-law of Sweetie, Mona’s cousin). Mona agreed to the match so that the Sweetie remains happy; however, there are complications that happen due to the constant presence of Anukalp who considers Mona as a good friend (or rather Mona considers Anukalp as a good fried while Anukalp has realized that he truly loves Mona). When Mona is about to get engaged to Goldie, she is nowhere to be found, and then it is realized when she returns that due to a turn of circumstances, she was actually with Anukalp. This is very embarrassing for both sets of families since it is clear that Mona was with Anukalp and it seems like the only possible solution for everybody is if Anukalp and Mona get married.
Anukalp’s mother Bharti is totally against this marriage, and has scolded Mona many times in the past already for many situations, but is helpless due to the fact that Anukalp only wants to get married to Mona. Even during the marriage situations, there remains a lot of tension between the 2 set of families because of their own rituals and customs, and it is the elders in the family who are able to control things.
Now, Mona is married and lives with Anukalp, but there are a constant source of tensions and problems in the family, especially since relatives are not so considerate about her as the new bahu. It is Anukalp who is the total support to Mona, even when his own mother scolds him for the same; as yet, nobody in the house seems to have realized that when you have a new marriage, you need to give them some space.

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